Amsterdam is known to most travelers for its charming, historic canals, compact, intimate streets and world-class cycling network. Despite its historic roots, Amsterdam is one of the most forward-looking cities in the world when it comes to urbanism and land use planning. Space constraints coupled with a rapidly increasing population have put Amsterdam in a position to continuously experiment, innovate and modernize. 



  • Population: 850,000

  • Population of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area: 2.4 million

  • Population of the Randstad (an urban conurbation made up of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht): 7,100,000

  • Population density: 5,135 people/km2

  • The City of Amsterdam owns about 80% of the land within the city and administers land through a ground lease system

  • Over 665,000 bike trips are made in Amsterdam every single day



The Amsterdam City Guide features a selection of the countless city building projects across the city. It covers the development of canal rings and some of the adjacent neighbourhoods like Oud West and De Pijp. It also covers development on Amsterdam's many repurposed docklands and obsolete port areas.

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Year published: 2018

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